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Volkswagen has begun developing a self-driving electric car

Volkswagen Group bosses have approved a research and development program for electric autonomous driving. A budget exceeding $1 billion has been approved. Implementation is entrusted to the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) division, the Argo AI startup and the subsidiary Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID).

It was decided to start with the ID battery minivan. Buzz. This year, field tests will begin in Germany, so that by 2025, serial drones will roll out onto the streets of Europe. The first autonomous Volkswagens will carry passengers using ride-pooling and ride-sharing schemes developed by the startup MOIA, which was created by the VW Group in 2016. Its electric vans have been operating in Hamburg since December 2020, and will appear in Hannover from August.

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All responsibility for the development and production of drones fell on the shoulders of VWCV. “Commercial vehicles are the logical choice for the first application of such systems,” says VWCV CEO Carsten Intra. We are talking about robotaxis, delivery vans and other electric vehicles for special purposes (Special Purpose Vehicles - SPV).

Since Ford invested in Argo AI, it will also get something. The Car.Software organization has not been forgotten, which, in parallel and independently of Argo AI, is studying level 4 autopilot for all brands of the Volkswagen group.

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