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Porsche confirms Taycan electric car explosion

The first message about the Porsche Taycan explosion appeared on Tesla Taxi America's Twitter, but it was later deleted. Then a video from the fire scene was published by the YouTube channel Tesla in Canada. Using it, social network users found out that it was the Taycan that was destroyed, since the car has characteristic aerodynamic wheels and double slots in the rear pillar. Information about the fire was also confirmed by Porsche, adding that an investigation has already begun and the details of the incident will become known only after its completion.
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Electric car explosions happen regularly. In April 2019, a video appeared on the Chinese Waibo network of a Tesla Model S spontaneously catching fire in a parking lot. It shows smoke first coming from under the car, then the liftback exploding and starting to burn. Tesla conducted an investigation and found that the cause of the car's spontaneous combustion was a defective battery module.
And although Tesla is confident that the probability of spontaneous combustion of battery-powered cars is 10 times lower than that of analogues with gasoline engines, in February last year a person died in a Tesla Model S that caught fire after an accident. The incident occurred in Miami. The fire could not be extinguished for a long time, and the driver was prevented from being freed by the locked doors, which were supposed to be unlocked after the impact.

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