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New car reliability rating published

Consumer Reports (CR) ratings in the US attract as much attention as a similar report from J.D. Power. Their approaches are different, although in both cases the research is based on surveys of hundreds of thousands of owners. In J.D. Power calculates the average number of problems per 100 cars (the fewer there are, the higher the brand is on the list), and CR, based on an analysis of the responses, calculates conditional reliability scores, from zero to 100. Americans call this predicted reliability, although the forecast is based on what has already happened breakdowns.
READ ALSO: Spies showed the appearance of the updated Nissan Navara pickup The magazine accepted the range of points from 41 to 60 as the industry average, highlighting two zones above and below (reliability significantly above average, above average, below average and much below average), reflected in the table flowers. This year, the Reds had to mark only one brand, Lincoln, and one model let it down the most - the Aviator. It is no coincidence that the car appears in recall campaigns.
Brand rankings by predicted reliability (according to Consumer Reports research)
The penultimate Tesla, according to CR, continues to experience problems with both quality and reliability. This year, the Model Y SUV is to blame for the brand's failure by two more positions. In general, of all the Teslas, only one Model 3 is among those recommended by CR magazine. At the opposite end of the ranking, the best of the American brands, Buick, managed to rise immediately by 14 positions for year (an old Encore with a 91 reliability score helped her out).
READ ALSO: Volkswagen plans to dump Lamborghini According to CR, the success of Mazda, which took the first place, is that it "conservatively modernizes models and avoids the introduction of new risky powertrains and infotainment systems." If we talk about the records of individual models, then the Jeep Gladiator surprised here, by some quirk of statistics, scoring 99 reliability points. But this is uncharacteristic for the brand as a whole; other Jeep models do not even reach 50 points, and the Jeep Renegade only managed 19.
But Renegade is also reliable in comparison with the anti-heroes of the CR 2020 rating: Audi Q8 - eight points (despite the A4 and A5 having 86 each), Tesla Model Y - five points (compare with 53 points for the Model 3), Lincoln Aviator - two points, Ford Explorer - one point and Mercedes-Benz GLE - one point. Let us add that the brands Acura, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, FIAT, Genesis, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mitsubishi were not included in the 2020 reliability rating due to insufficient statistics available to the CR editors. The Americans decided simply not to rank them, rather than give an assessment based on a small amount of data.

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