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Mercedes-Benz joked about Audi again

The sworn friends joined the “four rings” flash mob announced on social networks, but did it somewhat straightforwardly.
As part of the #FourRingsChallenge, Audi called on its fans to “unite creatively.” To take part in the challenge, all you need to do is depict the company logo using any available means and publish your creation on social networks with the appropriate hashtag.
The company has already received a lot of responses to the flash mob, which started on March 28, and has combined the most interesting works in a video, which it also posted on social networks - you can watch it below.

But Audi fans aren't the only ones joining the challenge. Creatives from Mercedes-Benz also paid attention to the call and published their own response - of course, without missing the opportunity to slightly emphasize their own superiority. In the Mercedes-Benz video, the logo of the competing brand paints the charged AMG C 63 sports sedan with tires on the asphalt.

“Audi, we have accepted your challenge and are participating with our creative input. We hope you like the result. And yes, show me what your handwriting looks like,” was the remark that accompanied the Mercedes-Benz video.
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